Monday, November 3, 2008

My sadness for a lack of support on Prop 8

As some of you know, I am the chair for my ward on Prop 8. I have therefore been very involved in everything having to do with it. Honestly, I am incredibly proud of most of my ward for stepping up to the plate. They have worked so hard and tirelessly and I am proud to be amongst them.

But today,I am more concerned with the lack of support shown by many people of the church. It truly breaks my heart to see this. I cannot believe that people are coming out against the prophet, the voice of God on the earth today and saying NO. It truly breaks my heart. I am so incredibly sad about Steve Young and his wife. I just have such a hard time hearing of people who are saying no, and thereby saying that they do not have the guts, or testimony to believe the words of the prophet to be the word of God.

Yesterday, I was talking to two guys at church, and they said that I have basically drawn the line in the sand, and they are right. This is not the time to voice opinions, this is the time to obey. We have been raised our entire lives being told we are the rising generation that would have to stand up and fight for the cause of the Lord. And here we are, the first of many battles and so many people are shying away. I have basically decided that anyone who was not active in the fight for Prop 8 is completely undatable because we do not have the same ideals and are not heading in the same direction, even if we say we have the same goal.

So, there you have it. I am voting on Prop 8. I believe that Thomas S Monson and his councilors and the general authorities are men of God. I believe that Thomas S Monson is a living prophet and that when he speaks, he speaks the words of God. I believe that Prop 8 will make a difference, not maybe today, but because of the ripple effect that it will have in the future. I am voting on Prop 8!


The Bertagnoles said...

I coulent agree more. I have some LDS friends that said they didn't feel comfortable with the church taking a stance on political issues. I think they are either not voting prop 8 or are voting no. I dont dare ask. Its sad.

Tess said...

I had no idea about Steve Young. Yikes! I love what you is SOOOOOOO true!

Aubrey said...

That was the sweetest thing I've seen written on Prop 8. I love you!

Allison and Eric said...

Hey I didn't know you had a blog!! I have on too. Let's be blog friends! Mine is

Jeff said...

The line was drawn in the sand. Supporting 8 put one on the correct side of that line, in line with the Voice of the Lord.

However, repentance is something we also believe in. To draw the line in the sand and execute all those on the wrong side denies them the right to change and grow, and belittles the event and Person that allows for that change.